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Sainte Jeanne Antide's life part 1 - SJA

Sainte Jeanne Antide’s life

Historical MemoSainte Jeanne Antide

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Jeanne Antide Thouret  was born on 27 November 1765 in Sainsieh village in France, she had seven sisters and she was the fifth. Her mother became ill and she was getting worse so she gave the child to a servant to take care of her but she was reckless so she exposed the child’s life to danger more than once.

– When she matured she served her mother, who taught her principles of the religion and the cult till faith was entrenched in her heart. Her mother died when she was fifteen years old, so her father entrusted her to take care of the house with her aunt who was really a fierce woman.

 The atom of faith grew in Jeanne Antide’s heart, she felt that God had called her to be a nun so she requested her father for his blessing before she left home. She went to the monastery to the sisters of charity which was related to Saint Vansant de Paul in Paris in 1787.

 When she saw the children, the ill and the poor people she said in her heart ” I’ll devote my self to them totally “, she felt a call deeply from inside so she was dedicated to serve all.

 The celebration of her wearing nun’s clothes was near, she became ill so she was sent to hospital and after few days she was cured by God’s grace and the celebration was completed in October 1788.