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December 22, 2016

ActivitesCulturalScientific Committee Activities

The scientific committee of our institute exceeded the typical school experimenting phase, and moved to the work of scholars in the faculties of medicine and pharmacy.

Inside the chemistry lab, twenty students from preparatory school and secondary departments, as well as a group of science teachers were ready to dissect frogs!

They prepared the needed tools; medical glovesscissors, and tweezers.

At first, one of the teachers carried out the dissection practically in front of the students, as they fixed the drugged frog using pins in the wax autopsy plate. The teacher then used scissors to cut into the skin to be able to see the internal organs of the frog.

The students were able to discover how the lungs, kidneys, and liver work, and they were able to see the heart beating. Then the girls were divided into five groups to run their own experiments and they carried out the autopsy with skill and precision.

The Scientific Committee activities are various and sometimes extra-ordinary. Its members tend to find useful experiments and are not looking for simple ones. Moreover, they have done blood analysis to identify blood types to show that they are able to work on humans as well as animals.

It is worth mentioning that these activities are free activities, anyone can participate and they usually take place at break time. This encourages more and more students to participate and be attracted to the world of interesting science.


December 17, 2016


ActivitiescultureLaunch of the Moving Library

Taking books away from their traditional places is an important cultural step that facilitates access to information. 


The “Moving Library” as the name indicates, is a library that moves around in the playground to attract students and specially those who were not used to visiting the library.

It is a cargo that is full of paper booksas well as digitalones. The aim is to suit the taste of all.

In front of the canteen or in the vineyard, the cargo stops where there are seats. Pupils are attracted to it because of its bright colours and beautiful shape and they start using it freely.

A group of students from the cultural committee help the teacherresponsible of the project to develop an operating system for the library and make announcements for competitions and they manage the process enthusiastically.

The book in our Institute is considered a crown! It can be found outside the classes like in the French library as well as in the Arabic and English one. This is in addition to the library in the kindergarten department.

November 15, 2016

ActivitiescultureFirst place in the International Day

For the third year consecutively, our institute participates in “The International Day” organized by Pharos University.

After choosing Italy and China, the students have been drawn to the Republic of Mexicothis year.

The group asked specialists to design the famous Mexican national costumes. The students disguised themselves as Mexican ladies and men ,wearing skirts and sombreros, holding violins. This was reflected fascinatingly while presenting their danceon the theatre.

Art was shown in various aspects: the girls used Styrofoam, ceramic paste and crepe paper to make a model of the famous cactussymbol of the country. They also made the donkey-shaped figure piñata and prepared small magnetic souvenirs to be offered to the guests.

painting workshop was held on site and Mariam Gabr won the drawing cup, using her elegant brush to embody Alexandrian monuments.

The team was creative in combining art and culture. Informative pamphlets produced by the students were available to anyone wishing to immerse themselves in the Mexican culture and its rich historical, linguistic, decorative or festive riches. A Prezi presentation contained most of the important information about Mexico.

The visitor of the tent was able to taste the typical Mexican spicy dishes.

famous character was to be presented on stage. The choice of Sister Juana Inès de la Cruz, a Catholic nun who defended the women’s rights, was no coincidence : “Beautiful but we are not dolls for entertainment!” this was the student’s  message.

The young ladies excelled during this day, which is why the school won first place among the other schools.

As a francophone school, Saint Jeanne Antide Institution is proud to win in such a successful competition in the English language.

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March 14, 2016

ActivitiescultureInternational Day at PUA

The marketing department at Pharos University in Alexandria organized an International Day to show the different faculties available there to the secondary students in international and francophone schools.

Exhibiting different cultures was the aim of that day. There was a competition among schools where each school chose a country to represent in different ways.

Twenty five students from 2nd secondary from our school participated in the competition and they chose China to represent in every way possible.

Preparing for the project was professionally done since the secondary team resorted to the Chinese students in the faculty of Arts in TAFL Center (Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language). They benefited from their experience and tried to learn more about the language, arts, festivals of China and other things.

The competition brought together the cultural and artistic sides impressively. They were quite creative as they disguised themselves in Chinese girls. The performance and the presentation of the danceon stage were wonderful.

The works of art attracted attention towards our booth. They used wood, ceramic and cartoon. They designed a model of a Chinese temple, lanterns and souvenirs to be given to the visitors.

Students won the first prize for their presentation which showed how skillful they were in dealing with modern technology to cover all aspects of the state of China in tourism, folk and culture.

The visitors of the booth enjoyed delicious Chinese dishes; rice, pastry and pies. They were able to use the Chinese famous chopsticks to eat with.

They did their best thus they achieved great success when they took 2nd place among the participant schools.

The day started at 8:00 am and ended at 7:00 pm. The students toured around the other booths and around the university.

The day ended positively since it contributed to their education and it showed them various choices for their future.

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February 23, 2016

 ActivitesSocialCommunity service
As part of the interest of the institute in activating the role in communicating with the local community, the environmental committee of the preparatory department visited the Morcosia Middle School on the fifth of December 2015.

The visit is a part of a large environmental project that has begun in our institute since 2011 and has achieved tangible success.  The committee decided to expand the project by transferring experiences to other Alexandrian schools.

A group of our students met the students of Morcosia School and explained what has been done over the past years of planting projects, separating and recycling rubbish and other important environmental initiatives. All steps were presented to the attendants through data show in order to deliver the idea clearly. The students also carried models of garbage cardboard boxes and art models made from recycled materials.

The project remains throughout the year, where it is expected to receive students from Morcosia School in our institute during March 2016, so as to complete the environmental work through making “pulp” and presenting them to the students. The students recycled waste paper in the art lesson by submerging it with water to get rid of ink and colors, and then mixing it to create a paste with paper, then drying and cutting it to be re-used as paper sheets.

Our institute always remains in the service of the environment and society in order to have a better homeland.

December 14, 2015

ActivitesSportsSports Day
Strengthening family ties, promoting communication between parents and school and supporting interaction between students and teachers in an atmosphere of intimacy, those were the goals of the Sports Day of the primary department. It was held in the institute on Friday, December 4, 2015.

About a hundred families participated in activities on this day. The nunswelcomed everyone and the teacherstook the role of judges. Some of the graduates organized the day, secondarystudents took photos, and preparatorystudents were there to cheer. All members were there for one aim which was making this day work.

The teams consisted of parents and pupils who participated in different games: the rope, musical hoops, baskets and balls, fishing and  the bottle. There were also workshops of clay workand face painting. The last thing was a contest of general knowledge, followed by the announcement of the results and the distribution of prizes to the winners who were Karma Georges and Rokaya Kosba (3rd primary B), and Farida Rami (5th primary B).

Sports are essential in order to maintain fitness, but without neglecting the importance of healthy nutrition. So a team of teachers prepared nutritious dishes based mainly on vegetables and fruit.

So let’s have fun, eat and laugh together in order to continue to achieve a sound and balanced life.


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April 18, 2015

ActivitesArtistic Long live singing !
Our institute students excel in Arts !

On the thirtieth of March 2015, the preparatory stage choir travelled to Cairo to participate in the annual festival of activities, organized by the Egyptian Association of Teachers of the French language. Our institute won the Cup which was the first prize in singing. The artist,  Mireille Banoub, our music teacher received a special award.

On the other hand, our school shone in the talent party organized by the Francophone Activities Center of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, where  four out of ten students from the secondary stage won in the singing contest that was held in the Convention Center in April, the fifteenth.

The future artists chose the songs of  “Dalida” and “Mireille Mathieu” and “Edith Piaf” to transfer the audience to the past.

Long live Art and Artists !

March 19, 2015

ActivitiescultureYouth Theatre Festival

The theater group at Saint Jeanne Antide Institute organized this year, from 16 to 18 March 2015, the fifth round of the “Youth Theatre” in collaboration with the French Institute in Alexandria.

Seven Francophone schools in Alexandria participated in this event in addition to the French school “Misr School”  in Cairo, making the audience enjoy the diversity of tastes, ideas and messages carried by the various exhibitions.

Four groups from our school participated with different plays: the kindergarten stage presented the world of animals through the play “Bouba’s Pizza“. The primary stage presented the magic of fairy tales with the play “The trial of a wolf” and Little Red Riding Hood and presented the history of our country with a play called “Suez Canal“. The preparatory stage presented current women’s problems in a cynical way through the play “At Mimi’s“.

The presence of Ms. Dominique Waag Consul General of France in Alexandria, and Mr. Jean-Marie Verger the  Educational Cooperation attache in the Cultural Center, as well as school principals attended as an incentive to the groups in order to complete the work in the coming years.

The administration of the Institute represented by Sister Wafaa Rached, who brilliantly ran the debates among the students, and Mrs. Marianne Ghobril, who welcomed the invited, handed the certificates to the participants.

The theatre is considered a wealthy way to express the cohesion of Art and Culture where the individual discovers his abilities and accepts the others at the same time.

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