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May 6, 2017

 ActivitesSocialThe Charity Market

“Our school rejoices!” Our Institute adopted this slogan to announce the charity market which was held on 31 March 2017, and was an amazing festival, organized as the ending of the academic year. 

The pupils did not believe their eyes when they saw what was in the courtyard.  Giant rubber toys, climbing towers, toy guns, fishing, face painting, henna, and comic photography… not to mention the ice cream rolls or the liquid nitrogen! It was a fun day!

Pupils were accompanied by their parents moving from one booth to another, and from one game to the next. Sounds of laughter were everywhere while the food and drinks were available to the guests. It was a truly entertaining and rewarding day for all at the end of a long academic year.

Then the moment came, and everyone held breaths waiting to draw the numbers looking forward to the chance to win a ticket abroad and other valuable gifts!

The feelings of devotion were overwhelming thanks to the Jeanne Antide family. It was unprecedented success of a festival driven by love and more by good organization.


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February 23, 2016

 ActivitesSocialCommunity service
As part of the interest of the institute in activating the role in communicating with the local community, the environmental committee of the preparatory department visited the Morcosia Middle School on the fifth of December 2015.

The visit is a part of a large environmental project that has begun in our institute since 2011 and has achieved tangible success.  The committee decided to expand the project by transferring experiences to other Alexandrian schools.

A group of our students met the students of Morcosia School and explained what has been done over the past years of planting projects, separating and recycling rubbish and other important environmental initiatives. All steps were presented to the attendants through data show in order to deliver the idea clearly. The students also carried models of garbage cardboard boxes and art models made from recycled materials.

The project remains throughout the year, where it is expected to receive students from Morcosia School in our institute during March 2016, so as to complete the environmental work through making “pulp” and presenting them to the students. The students recycled waste paper in the art lesson by submerging it with water to get rid of ink and colors, and then mixing it to create a paste with paper, then drying and cutting it to be re-used as paper sheets.

Our institute always remains in the service of the environment and society in order to have a better homeland.

September 3, 2015

 ActivitesSocialVolunteering in Ethiopia
At the request of the regional superiour of the nuns, Sister Pascal, four students from the secondary department responded to the call of humanity. They travelled, accompanied by a nun to Ethiopia to serve the poor children in the summer vacation.

It is known that the services of the Sisters of Charity extend in most continents and countries around the world through education, nursing and care of the elderly. They also help those in need and other things.

The nuns in Ethiopia have a house in thecapital, Addis Ababa for spiritual purposes, and another house innorthwest Ethiopia that consists of a clinic, a development center for women (cooking, sewing and computer skills) and akindergarten. This was where our students stayed throughout the period of their service.

Their task was a summer activity for children aged 2-14 years old. The day was divided into two parts. In the morning, they went to visit poor families and patients, and in the evening they worked on the formation of children and other activities.

Volunteer service is one of the things that elevate human beings at all levels. It benefits both the people who are served and it builds the personality of the volunteer: “This experience has created in us mercy, love and respect for others. We have also learned the meaning of gratitude …”  the volunteers said after their return.

Social Work helps one to think of others. So much is the need of those concepts for the advancement of our communities and for building our beloved country.

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March 12, 2015

 ActivitesSocialPatriotic Day
As a response to the national campaign adopted by the Ministry of Education, the school celebrated �A day in love of Egypt� on 7 March 2015. There were various ways of celebration throughout the day according to the students’ age.

The day began with the morning broadcast and all the words were devoted to the love of our homeland. The students expressed that with poetryprose, playing music, singing, and praying, in addition to a beautiful theatrical presentation entitled “Egypt; the cemetery of  invaders.”

During the break, the primary pupils designed beautiful national paintings and painted their faces with the colours of the Egyptian flag. After that, they went out to the street around the school holding the flags and paintings, to convey the message of love to passers-by and revive the national spirit of the Egyptians.

Another group of students gave juice and candy to the soldiers and officers who were in front of the institute as an expression of our thanks and our gratitude to them, for their dedication to secure our lives and properties.

The students of the environment group of the preparatory stagedecided to express their love for the country in a different way, they went out carrying cleaning tools to collect garbage from the surrounding streets as a way to show   their belonging to this country, and wishing to see it clean and beautiful.

Patriotic songs were heard everywhere in the courtyards. The institute was honored by the visit of the head of the private Education Department to share the happiness with the students in love of Egypt.

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March 10, 2015

 ActivitesSocialLet’s take care of the planet
Fifty students from preparatory and secondary stages participated in the environmental conference in order to preserve the planet that is sponsored by the United Nations Organization.

The conference was held from 18- 22 February 2015, in Hurghada, in the Baron Palace hotel Sahl Hasheesh.

A wide range of national and international schools in Cairo and Alexandria in addition to our school participated in this conference. Miss Egypt and Miss Earth from Slovenia also attended and actively participated in the conference.

Students were divided among three workshopsthe protection of the marine environment, especially the dolphins, recycling with the participation of Asian countries, and environment-friendly green projects.

The conference program also included lectures under the supervision of the American University, educational trips (the Aquarium) and entertainment (the water park), as well as daily concerts that display different talents. Some groups of our students won in the singing contest and Gymnastics.

At the end of the conference, our school was honored as the “Best school” because of its participation, for the best behavior of the students, their polite way in conversations, their positive participation in workshops, and their commitment in general throughout the conference.

Protecting the environment is an issue of high priority in our institute. It has already been adopted in the preparatory stage through garbage separation projects, waste recycling, and planting tree in the streets surrounding our building.

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November 26, 2014

 ActivitesSocialInternational Children’s Day

Every year our Institute celebrates the International Children’s Day on 20 November. This is the date that was decided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child that is supported by UNECEF (the organization entrusted with the protection of the inherent rights of children in the world).

The Centre of Loveof the children with special needs organized the celebration this year. The ceremony turned into what looked like a demonstration to draw attention to the demands of society, as children have full rights like others.

The Centre organized a march and reached as far as the main building of the Institute, during which children carried banners calling for their rights to life, education, health, food, and decent treatment.

The Centre ended the day with music and songs to make the children feel happy in their festival.

The kindergarten section has spread the idea of healthy food, which is part of the educational project this year, and that by selling only healthy food throughout the day: natural juice, dairy products, vegetables and pies, and a variety of fruit. This has been a good opportunity to train children on shopping skills as buying and selling. The income was donated to charity and the needy.

The students played different games prepared by the teachers to make them feel happy, and then they wrapped up the day with singing and dancing.

The Institute administration was keen to be present during the celebrations to share the joy of children, and to congratulate them on their festivals, wishing them a good life and a bright future.


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