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September 10, 2018

NewsMrs. Yvonne Azer, the new Principal of the Institute

With all joy and appreciation, Saint Jeanne Antide Institute announces Mrs. Yvonne Azer as the new principal of the School.
For more than thirty years of work in the Institute, Mrs. Yvonne has been in various educational positions, first as a teacher and later as the head of the kindergarten department.

It is all about a rich professional field where she was able to build positive relations with our partners at home and abroad, develop theatrical culture within the Institute, work to raise the members of its team and contribute to obtaining many certificates of appreciation and quality.

At the same time, the Institute staff members congratulate itself on this choice and offer full respect and support to the new Principal.

May 3, 2018


NewsKindergarten pupils welcome the president of Egypt

Ambassador Nabila Makram, Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates’ Affairs, launched an initiative to celebrate the foreign communities that have lived and are still living on Egyptian lands.

30 April 2018 was scheduled to launch that initiative in the presence of his Excellency the president of Egypt Abdel Fattah el-Sisi and Mrs. Sisi, as well as the presidents of Cyprus and Greece.

Our KG department was honoured to send its pupils to welcome the President and his honoured guests. The pupils lined up in front of “Ras El Tin” Palace, waving flags of the three countries with enthusiasm as soon as the presidential cars arrived.

The heads of states moved towards the children to take pictures with them, before heading inside the palace to start the official evening followed by a party.

It was a great new experience for our pupils that started forming their national sense and learning more about their city, Alexandria with all its multiculturalism.

Before leaving the palace, the pupils took pictures with the Minister Nabila Makram, the Governor of Alexandria and other dignities, both foreign and Egyptian.

Long Live Egyp!


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March 20, 2018

ActivitesCulturalSaint Jeanne Antide Restaurant

They are always in a state of readiness; the white toques over their heads, the towels in their hands and the aprons carefully tied around their waist! They are our primary pupils, the skilled cooks, and specialists in the presentation of breakfast meals.

They were outstanding. They looked very serious while preparing the sandwichesbutterand jam for our Lebanese guests.

Saint Jeanne Antide Institute hosted a group of students from our schools in Beirut andBaabdah. They were a talented theater group that arrived specially to present its works at the French Institute in Alexandria.

The primary pupils did not miss the opportunity. The time was right to put their educational project into action. It was about table presentation which they carried out with  pride and self-confidence. They were working as if they were in a five-star restaurant!

However, these chefs were unique, unlike others: once they presented food, they began to sing and dance around the tables, holding a festive atmosphere for the usual breakfast.

Saint Jeanne Antide restaurant has been fully moved to the French Institute during the Francophone week; let’s speak French, eat in French-style, and serve as French chefs do!

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January 4, 2018

ActivitesArtisticPeace Festival

The Egyptian Committee for Justice and Peace is completing its efforts to deal with various manifestations of ugliness and various forms of violence through art.

For the thirdconsecutive year, the committee will be presenting an art competition under the theme: “Draw your dream with your hand“.

The competition targets primary and preparatorystudents in 53schools and educational institutions from different governorates in Egypt.

Dreams of Peace and Tolerance … or Dreams of Future Work : The drawings varied in their expression between public and  private.

Father Bruno Musaro, the Ambassador of the Vatican State in Cairo, attended the awards ceremony. His honour paid tribute to the event and to the audience.

Fifteen SJA students won out of the 44 who participated in the competition.

In a world full of conflicts, the organizers of the festival are well aware of the role they play, and every year they plant new seeds of peace in that promising young land.

December 30, 2017

ActivitésCulturellesThe twenty-first session of the Mediterranean Cinema Festival

Romina Michel, the second secondary student, and Sister Afaf Mossaad participated in the documentary film festival for the Mediterranean countries, which was held from 19 to 25 November 2017 in Marseille, France.

For several years, the festival has been working on the development of an educational program for citizenship for the Mediterranean countries through pictures. About 2500 young peopleparticipated in the festival.

The festival provides audio and visual professionals with an annual opportunity to meet, thus enhancing the means of dialogueand cooperation among the countries of the Mediterranean basin.

Twenty-five of the 385 films were selected for the festival. Topics ranged from the Syrian tragedy, the migration crisis, the status of women, and the art of dance.

Romina participated in a debate about the film “I will dance in spite of everything“, and then attended the exhibition on Egyptian documentary and ballet, and also reported on the film “Algeria, Mecca for rebels.”

The closing ceremony was an opportunity for many young people, including Romina, to rise on the podium and express themselves before a jury, defending their choices in a wonderful exchange of ideas.

How could they spend a whole week on the seaside of Marseille without visiting its fortresses, palaces, and churches !

Tourism or cinema, there is no difference since the rays of culture are able to find the way towards the youth who eagerly seek knowledge.


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October 14, 2017

ActivitesCulturalA day for the cinema of the Mediterranean Countries

Within the framework of the International Film and Documentary Award for Mediterranean Countries, the Center of Francophone Activities of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina organized jointly with the Center for Audiovisual Communication of the Mediterranean Basin “A day for the cinema of the Mediterranean Basin Countries” on 8 October 2017, under the supervision of the journalist Hala Al-Mawi, an expert in film criticism and a radio program presenter.

The day was specially dedicated to the Secondary students of the  Alexandrian Francophone schools. The  program was as follows: watching the three films competing for the festival’s prize (Algeria Mecca for rebels – Welcome – I will dance in spite of everything), and learning the art of documentary film criticism, then  voting for the best film. A trip to France to participate in the festival in Marseille was the prize for the winner.

That day about 30 of our students participated and three won the first and second prizes as follows:

The first prize was awarded to the student Romina Michel which was a trip to France from 19 to 25 November 2017, to participate in the Documentary Film Festival.

The second prize went equally to the students Mirna Ayman and Sarah Ashraf, which was the participation in the Cairo International Film Festival, from 21 to 30 November 2017.

As the school congratulates students for their obvious seriousness, at the same time they want to emphasize the importance they attach to activities and creativity. We encourage and fund every cultural or artistic work.

It is worth mentioning that this day was organized in cooperation with the Institute of Saint Jeanne Antide and the French Consulate in Alexandria.