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ActivitesSocial To be translated

ActivitesSocial To be translated

ActivitesSocial To be translated

 ActivitesSocialThe Charity Market “Our school rejoices!” Our Institute adopted this slogan to announce the charity market which was held on 31 March 2017, and was an amazing festival, organized as the ending of the academic year.  The pupils did not believe their eyes when they saw what was in the courtyard.  Giant rubber toys, climbing towers, […]

The Charity Market
February 23, 2017AllPostsEngsocialEn

To be translated   To see the photos Click here

 ActivitesSocialCommunity service As part of the interest of the institute in activating the role in communicating with the local community, the environmental committee of the preparatory department visited the Morcosia Middle School on the fifth of December 2015. The visit is a part of a large environmental project that has begun in our institute since 2011 and […]

Community service

 ActivitesSocialVolunteering in Ethiopia At the request of the regional superiour of the nuns, Sister Pascal, four students from the secondary department responded to the call of humanity. They travelled, accompanied by a nun to Ethiopia to serve the poor children in the summer vacation. It is known that the services of the Sisters of Charity […]

Volunteering in Ethiopia

 ActivitesSocialPatriotic Day As a response to the national campaign adopted by the Ministry of Education, the school celebrated �A day in love of Egypt� on 7 March 2015. There were various ways of celebration throughout the day according to the students’ age. The day began with the morning broadcast and all the words were devoted […]

Patriotic Day

 ActivitesSocialLet’s take care of the planet Fifty students from preparatory and secondary stages participated in the environmental conference in order to preserve the planet that is sponsored by the United Nations Organization. The conference was held from 18- 22 February 2015, in Hurghada, in the Baron Palace hotel Sahl Hasheesh. A wide range of national and […]

Let’s take care of the planet

 ActivitesSocialInternational Children’s Day Every year our Institute celebrates the International Children’s Day on 20 November. This is the date that was decided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child that is supported by UNECEF (the organization entrusted with the protection of the inherent rights of children in the world). The Centre of […]

International Children’s Day

 ActivitesSocialPlanting Project For the third year consecutively, the preparatory department adopts environmental projects to encourage students to have awareness and to be able to record the surrounding environmental problems and dealing with them positively. The first year was dedicated to general awareness, the second year was dedicated to cleaning the streetsand was followed by serious steps in recycling and energy saving. The present […]

Planting Project

 ActivitesSocialA charity market “To make our school a better place for life” was the aim of the charity market that was in the playground of our school on 12th October. School is not only a place that we think of as a source of knowledge and education, but it is also a place for socializing. Pupils […]

A charity market

 ActivitesSocialCleanliness campaign Using the motto “Your environment is your life…start by yourself”, the preparatory department of our institute adopted an environmental project for awareness and cleanliness. It had been carried out through several stages and in different ways. The project started last year by showing the students the importance of environment preservation, the dangers of […]

Cleanliness campaign

 ActivitesSocialStudents’ Union Elections Since our Institute cares to make our students aware of the basis of democracy andactivating this concept inside the institute, the campaign of the elections of the students’ union was announced. Each student willing to be nominated presented her CV and her programme that she wishes to carry out for her committee. After […]

Students’ Union Elections

 ActivitesSocialA charitable project The Students’ Union of the institute has organized a day to sell cakes called “Cake Sale”. The three school stages worked on making this project succeed. The Preparatory and the Secondary made the cakes under the supervision of the domestic teachers and the primary stage brought the juice. The students from the […]

A charitable project

 ActivitesSocialPupils support the stock exchange The 3rd primary pupils accepted the suggestion of the Institution superior about supporting the Egyptian stock exchange in its crises due to the present economic status through the 25th January revolution. The pupils expressed their desire to participate effectively by collecting money to support the stock exchange. On 7th April […]

Pupils support the stock exchange

 ActivitesSocialThe International White Cane Day Celebrating the international white cane day differs from a country to another. The students’ union of Saint Jeanne Antide school went to the Bibliotheca Alexandrina to attend a conference where there were many students from schools, universities and institutes. Taha Hussein Library members were also present. The outcomes of the […]

The International White Cane Day

 ActivitesSocialA visit to the “Saint Thérèse” nursing home The students board represented in the public service group and the social work group together with the social workers visited the Saint Thérèse nursing home located at Hadarah. At the beginning, the head of the nursing home met the students and welcomed them. Then she told them […]

A visit to the “Saint Thérèse” nursing home

 ActivitesSocialA day in the Mamoura hospital As part of the school plan to apply the school syllabuses, our sociology teacher Mrs. Miriam Milad arranged a visit to the Mamoura hospital which is specialized in Psychiatry and drug treatment. There was our meeting with the vice-director of the hospital who welcomed us and answered our questions. […]

A day in the Mamoura hospital

 ActivitesSocialA visit to the homeless children We, the students of third secondary – section of psychology – went to visit the homeless children center. It is affiliated to Caritas in Abou Talat area at Agamy. There, we met a number of these children from different ages and we got to know them. When we talked […]

A visit to the homeless children

 ActivitesSocialA visit to one of the orphanages We, the students of secondary department went to visit an orphanage called “The happy childhood” in Gamal Abdel Naser Street. This visit was like a discovery for us :  We were expecting to see a neglected place and desperate children, but on the contrary we found a beautiful […]

A visit to one of the orphanages