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April 13, 2019

ActivitesCultural– To be translated …

April 8, 2019

ActivitesCultural–  To be translated …        

April 3, 2019

ActivitesCultural–  To be translated …        

December 6, 2018

ActivitesCultural– To be translated – To see the photos Click here

March 22, 2018

ActivitesCultural– To be translated –

March 20, 2018

ActivitesCulturalSaint Jeanne Antide Restaurant They are always in a state of readiness; the white toques over their heads, the towels in their hands and the aprons carefully tied around their waist! They are our primary pupils, the skilled cooks, and specialists in the presentation of breakfast meals. They were outstanding. They looked very serious while […]

Saint Jeanne Antide Restaurant
December 30, 2017

ActivitésCulturellesThe twenty-first session of the Mediterranean Cinema Festival Romina Michel, the second secondary student, and Sister Afaf Mossaad participated in the documentary film festival for the Mediterranean countries, which was held from 19 to 25 November 2017 in Marseille, France. For several years, the festival has been working on the development of an educational program […]

The twenty-first session of the Mediterranean Cinema Festival
October 14, 2017

ActivitesCulturalA day for the cinema of the Mediterranean Countries Within the framework of the International Film and Documentary Award for Mediterranean Countries, the Center of Francophone Activities of the Bibliotheca Alexandrina organized jointly with the Center for Audiovisual Communication of the Mediterranean Basin “A day for the cinema of the Mediterranean Basin Countries” on 8 […]

A day for the cinema of the Mediterranean Countries
December 22, 2016

ActivitesCulturalScientific Committee Activities The scientific committee of our institute exceeded the typical school experimenting phase, and moved to the work of scholars in the faculties of medicine and pharmacy. Inside the chemistry lab, twenty students from preparatory school and secondary departments, as well as a group of science teachers were ready to dissect frogs! They prepared the […]

Scientific Committee Activities
December 17, 2016

  ActivitiescultureLaunch of the Moving Library Taking books away from their traditional places is an important cultural step that facilitates access to information.    The “Moving Library” as the name indicates, is a library that moves around in the playground to attract students and specially those who were not used to visiting the library. It […]

Launch of the Moving Library
November 15, 2016

ActivitiescultureFirst place in the International Day For the third year consecutively, our institute participates in “The International Day” organized by Pharos University. After choosing Italy and China, the students have been drawn to the Republic of Mexicothis year. The group asked specialists to design the famous Mexican national costumes. The students disguised themselves as Mexican ladies […]

First place in the International Day
March 31, 2016

ActivitiescultureA cultural week A series of celebrations went on in the period between March 28 and April 17 inside and outside our institute! Mother’s Day coincided with the celebrations of the Francophone, highlighting the talents of our daughters and their enormous potentials. Mother’s day was different this year. Sports gathered students, teachers and parents around one goal, which […]

A cultural week
March 14, 2016

ActivitiescultureInternational Day at PUA The marketing department at Pharos University in Alexandria organized an International Day to show the different faculties available there to the secondary students in international and francophone schools. Exhibiting different cultures was the aim of that day. There was a competition among schools where each school chose a country to represent […]

International Day at PUA
March 19, 2015

ActivitiescultureYouth Theatre Festival The theater group at Saint Jeanne Antide Institute organized this year, from 16 to 18 March 2015, the fifth round of the “Youth Theatre” in collaboration with the French Institute in Alexandria. Seven Francophone schools in Alexandria participated in this event in addition to the French school “Misr School”  in Cairo, making the […]

Youth Theatre Festival
December 31, 2013

ActivitiescultureOn the footsteps of Albert Camus On 24th November 2013, the students of 1st and 2nd Secondary participated in a competition titled “Do you know Camus?” It was organized by the French Institute for the Francophone schools. As usual the students of Saint Jeanne Antide received the first prizes in each competition. Fortunately the students […]

On the footsteps of Albert Camus
December 8, 2012

ActivitiescultureThe world of Science Our school organized a day for scientific experiments last November. It aims at directing the students’ knowledge of the upper grades to serve their younger colleagues.   Secondary and preparatory seek to teach science in a different way from the traditional theoretical way. The aim was to present tangible approach in different science […]

The world of Science
March 12, 2012

ActivitiescultureTouristic trips By the end of 2011, preparatory and secondary students toured Egypt from north to south and east to west through touristic trips with the title “Let’s know our country in our classrooms”. Our educational project this year is about citizenship so our staff agreed on suggesting an untraditional idea to stress on that and on […]

Touristic trips
February 29, 2012

ActivitiescultureCultural Games On the occasion of the feast of Saint Jeanne Antide, the school organized a day for cultural games for the primary pupils. The pupils had to look for hidden questions in the courtyard and then try to find answers for them. The group that answered the biggest number of questions won. The subjects […]

Cultural Games
September 12, 2011

ActivitiescultureA legacy show “A group of young people gathered around the magician’s crystal ball trying to discover their country’s legacy.” In the “Festival of the Youth“, a dance troupe from the primary department presented a play titled “The Legacy of   “Alexandria“. This show was presented on 30th May 2011 and 2nd June 2011 in […]

A legacy show
May 17, 2011

ActivitiescultureCurriculum based theatre Third primary pupils won second place in the educational zone in the competition of the Arabic curriculum based theatre. The students presented a lesson called “In the club” which contained scenes of some sports; Basketball, Rhythmic Gymnastics and Taekwondo accompanied by music and songs. The pupils used the classical Arabic and their team […]

Curriculum based theatre
April 7, 2011

  ActivitiescultureA visit to the fire station in Kom el Shoqafa The theme this year is “jobs”! In the Kindergarten department, the group of teachers use the system of “The educational project”. They choose a topic to be used educationally and in different ways all year long. This system leads to improve the child’s quality […]

A visit to the fire station in Kom el Shoqafa
March 22, 2010

ActivitiescultureReading is a challenge “Reading scientific books is a challenge” was the title of a competition organized by the French cultural centre in Mounira for the schools of Cairo and Alexandria.  Eight schools met the challenge and Saint Jeanne-Antide institute received the prize of the best presentation. The competition consisted of 100 questions about water to be answered with […]

Reading is a challenge
March 22, 2010

Activitiesculture“Eureka” competition The class of Miss Amandine that is preparing for the French Secondary Certificate (Bac.) participated in the “Eureka” competition through the celebrations of the year of science in Egypt and France.  “Eureka” is a greek word which means “IIfound“. The aims of this competition are to help students put a historic frame for […]

“Eureka” competition
April 13, 2009

ActivitiescultureChatting using the keyboard You can chat using the keyboard. This has been done in the school library where the pupils of 5th primary B were permitted to chat with a class from “Gilles Vigneault” school in Marseille. The pupils exchanged information about the ports of both ALEXANDRIA and MARSEILLE which shows how close are the sides of the […]

Chatting using the keyboard
April 13, 2009

ActivitiescultureThe francophonie week In March 2009, the students of 5th primary B went to Cairo to participate in different activities which are organized by the French Cultural Center through the francophonie week. Our school won first prize for the workshop titled “Dialogue in ten words“. Participating in the “Francophonie blog” was a rich experience for […]

The francophonie week
March 18, 2009

ActivitiescultureThe seventh Students’ conference The seventh Students’ conference started on the 9th till the 11th February 09 in Cairo. On the first day, we enjoyed a comic play. On the second day we went to “La Salle” college where the conference was. The main discussion was about و كا”The school of the future“. The presence […]

The seventh Students’ conference
March 5, 2009

ActivitiescultureReading celebrations Since 1989 and each year, a cultural festival has been started by the Ministry of culture to give more importance to the book and to reading in addition to literal creations. This festival has become the best gathering for readers due to the quantity of actions that take place like competitions in reciting, […]

Reading celebrations
January 22, 2009

ActivitiescultureA vow A vow for the New Year. I promise everyone: The superior of the nuns, the headmistress and all my friends to be a new person and to renew myself and improve my behavior.  I also promise to stop hurting everyone. The New Year will witness my new birth. I’ll become quieter and more sensible. […]

A vow
January 10, 2009

ActivitiescultureCreating a blog Exploiting our project as one of the means of educational work is what our institute does. This is done to encourage working around a specific theme and to increase the pupils’ autonomy and their use of informative technology and telecommunications. The class 5th Primary “B” has come up with an innovative idea by presenting […]

Creating a blog
May 6, 2008

The kindergarten department in our school is like a bee hive: hard work, new ideas, educational projects that are always well prepared.The subject “nature through the four seasons” was one of the subjects dealt to present science in a simple form to the pupils. Since practical application was important in this case, the school organized […]

A visit to a nursery
October 6, 2007

Activites CulturalEnvironment protection The students of third primary had participated in a school project aiming at applying the principles of nature respect. They have discovered through their researches active solutions to fight air, water and earth pollution. Through their work in this project they developed their skill in speaking French through the conversations and the meetings […]

Environment protection
October 2, 2007

Activites CulturalThe Bout’choux On the occasion of the celebrations of the “Francophone” week, the primary section participated with acting for the ‘Bout’choux’ theater. This festival used to be done every year in March to give a chance to the students to express and apply all the rules and methods of theater acting which they had gained […]

The Bout’choux