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Mission - SJA



• Form the personality that is capable of facing the outside society built on the principles and values based by Saint Jeanne Antide. A personality that is full of the spirit of belonging, accepting the other and giving without waiting for return.

• Encourage the learner to use modern technology, follow its development and enable them to deal with it in order to be successful in different fields of work and thus encourage their ability to innovate.

• Develop the teacher to follow the modern methodology in education and to be interested in advanced technology that helps them in teaching using modern methods.

• Encouraging the participation of the parents regarding the educative and pedagogic sides of the learners.



• Work on providing good environment to build and develop a balanced psychological character to be able to merge into the society. This can be done by adopting the human educational principles based by Saint Jeanne Antide which suit our society.

• Emphasize the spirit of commitment and perseverance in the school community.

• Provide sufficient awareness to face the surrounding challenges and to use modern technology to suit our lives.

• Encourage the rejection of violence and intolerance and spread peace and love to strengthen our national unity in our society.

• Help and direct the students to gain the capability of conversation and criticism and to have the spirit of group work.


• Work on having an effective role with the small buds (the targets) to take them from KG to the preparatory stage to form a balanced privileged personality capable of facing the challenges of the era. This will happen by using scientific and technological means.

• Apply continuous vocational development for the people who work at school.

• Emphasize communication between the school and the parents through the best means to provide the pupils with good personalities.

• Strengthen relationships among different school categories and the community.


• Transfer the child from the family to the school community.

• Make the child acquire the concepts and skills in all fields to prepare the child for the primary stage bearing in mind the individual differences.

• Allow the child to acquire the skills of learning and living with her internal and external community and to develop the spirit of participation.

• Ground the human values that were based by Saint Jeanne Antide.

• Use the means of active learning and follow modern technology.

• Form an independent child who has the spirit of responsibility and initiation, a child who knows her rights and performs her duties.

• Strengthen the relations between the child’s family and the school family to carry out the mission of the institute.