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Historical Memo - SJA

History of the school

In 1934, the school began to achieve its aims and specify its curriculum. Most of the students were foreign communities in Alexandria: Greek, Italian, German, French, Armenian, ……etc, These different people lived in their private areas, and they represented the Alexandrian people and after their disappearance in the sixties the school came to serve the Egyptian students. There were 17 nuns who formed the staff of the school at that time. In 1991, a center was established in the garden of the school and it was called ” center of love “, to serve the handicapped children.

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Sisters of charity in Egypt

“We have heard the voice of God…the voice of the poor”

Sainte Jeanne Antide

In the year 1909 :

The sisters of charity arrived in Cairo. Sainte Ann school was established where students continue their education up to high school.

In the Year 1909 :
The sisters were called to serve in Nag-Hamady. Since 1963, they did social services; supervised a health care clinic,a home for young girls and a nursery.
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Sisters of Charity in the world

The Sister Follows Sainte Jeanne Antide Steps in their lifes to serve the poor.

They vowed to continue the mission which Jeanne Antide started in the whole world which is:

  • Education and teaching in schools.
  • Serving the handicaps.
  • Serving the worldly and spiritual needs of the poor.
  •  Religious Education.
  • Supervising the ladies role.

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Sainte Jeanne Antide’s life.

Jeanne Antide Thouret was born on 27 November 1765 in Sainsieh village in France, she had seven sisters and she was the fifth. Her mother became ill and she was getting worse so she gave the child to a servant to take care of her

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