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Peace Festival - SJA

January 4, 2018by admin0

ActivitesArtisticPeace Festival

The Egyptian Committee for Justice and Peace is completing its efforts to deal with various manifestations of ugliness and various forms of violence through art.

For the thirdconsecutive year, the committee will be presenting an art competition under the theme: “Draw your dream with your hand“.

The competition targets primary and preparatorystudents in 53schools and educational institutions from different governorates in Egypt.

Dreams of Peace and Tolerance … or Dreams of Future Work : The drawings varied in their expression between public and  private.

Father Bruno Musaro, the Ambassador of the Vatican State in Cairo, attended the awards ceremony. His honour paid tribute to the event and to the audience.

Fifteen SJA students won out of the 44 who participated in the competition.

In a world full of conflicts, the organizers of the festival are well aware of the role they play, and every year they plant new seeds of peace in that promising young land.


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