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The travelling Contrabass in the Mediterranean Sea - SJA

April 8, 2017by admin0

ActivitesArtisticThe travelling Contrabass in the Mediterranean Sea

It is a project under the patronage of Mr. Thierry Petit, an Orchestra French violinist at the Montpellier National Orchestra. The idea of the project is an initiative to bring together six countries, six music groups, six composers and a large number of pupils from the Mediterranean schools on the production of cross-cultural music. 

To link these countries to each other, Mr. Thierry sailed the Mediterranean in his sailing boat, which was actually a recording studio.

From France to Spain, then to Tunisia and Greece, through Lebanon and to Egypt, each country took on the task of carrying out part of the joint work. Therefore, symphony orchestra and a school from each country were chosen as authorized partners of the project. The children wrote, sang, and recorded lyrics, each in their own language.

A choir was chosen by the Institute of Saint Jeanne Antide led by Mireille Banoub, to represent Egypt in this new experiment.

On March 31, 2017, a musical concert was held in the theater of our institute. The preparatory and secondary students sang the musical poems of the six countries, written in different languages. The Alexandrian ladies learnt Spanish and Greek, in order to get the job well done!

The peculiarity of this kind of concert is the possibility of watching the foreign singers and listening to their voices at the same time as our choir through a giant screen display. The experiment was a great success, clearly seen on the faces of the audience.

The travelling contrabass is a great adventure to strengthen the bonds of friendship among peoples from different countries !


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