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Art competition - SJA

February 14, 2017by admin0

ActivitesArtisticArt competition

For the second year, the Egyptian Committee for Peace and Justice organized an art competition in the Republic under the title “Draw peace with your hands.”

The first goal of the competition was to launch the creative talents of children from the age of 10 to 15 years old, to express their imaginations with their colours and brushes.

This year the participation of the Institute in the competition has increased. About 60 pupils from primary and preparatorydepartments presented exquisite paintings in oil, gouache and pencil. Eleven pupils won 200 pounds and certificates of appreciation were distributed to all participants.

book that contained all the works of the participants was published which had a great effect on enhancing the pupils who didn’t win the competition this year.

Art is the means used to express ideas and consolidate the concepts, so the real success of the contest was not only in the distribution of prizes to the talented but also it was in spreading the culture of peace, which we all need in our communities by such young creative students.


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