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Family Entertainment Day - SJA

November 28, 2016by admin0

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For the fourth year, our Institute organised a family entertainment day on 18 November 2016 and the day witnessed unprecedented attendance.

Almost 150 familiesparticipated from the primary department.

A group of 40 teachers from different departments helped on this day by the help of our scout girls who organised the day professionally.

This year, games differed from before. They were like “Telematch” games which created a feeling of joy and creativity.

Parents found themselves in situations where they were obliged to jump high, aim at balloons and arranging puzzles to return back to their childhood or rather live in their children’s world!

There were workshops for works made of clay, colouring and face painting for everyone. The aim was to entertain all members of the family.

Five hours of participation in games and sharing laughs contributed significantly in building relationships and living positively!

By the end of the day, food made in the Institute kitchen was sold to the families and lastly, there was a general knowledge in the theatre followed by the announcement of winners and giving prizes.

Family” is of great value for our Institute and thus our goal is to create opportunities to serve this value for stronger and more coherent families.

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