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International Day at PUA - SJA

March 14, 2016by admin0

ActivitiescultureInternational Day at PUA

The marketing department at Pharos University in Alexandria organized an International Day to show the different faculties available there to the secondary students in international and francophone schools.

Exhibiting different cultures was the aim of that day. There was a competition among schools where each school chose a country to represent in different ways.

Twenty five students from 2nd secondary from our school participated in the competition and they chose China to represent in every way possible.

Preparing for the project was professionally done since the secondary team resorted to the Chinese students in the faculty of Arts in TAFL Center (Teaching Arabic as Foreign Language). They benefited from their experience and tried to learn more about the language, arts, festivals of China and other things.

The competition brought together the cultural and artistic sides impressively. They were quite creative as they disguised themselves in Chinese girls. The performance and the presentation of the danceon stage were wonderful.

The works of art attracted attention towards our booth. They used wood, ceramic and cartoon. They designed a model of a Chinese temple, lanterns and souvenirs to be given to the visitors.

Students won the first prize for their presentation which showed how skillful they were in dealing with modern technology to cover all aspects of the state of China in tourism, folk and culture.

The visitors of the booth enjoyed delicious Chinese dishes; rice, pastry and pies. They were able to use the Chinese famous chopsticks to eat with.

They did their best thus they achieved great success when they took 2nd place among the participant schools.

The day started at 8:00 am and ended at 7:00 pm. The students toured around the other booths and around the university.

The day ended positively since it contributed to their education and it showed them various choices for their future.

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