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Patriotic Day - SJA

March 12, 2015by admin0

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As a response to the national campaign adopted by the Ministry of Education, the school celebrated �A day in love of Egypt� on 7 March 2015. There were various ways of celebration throughout the day according to the students’ age.

The day began with the morning broadcast and all the words were devoted to the love of our homeland. The students expressed that with poetryprose, playing music, singing, and praying, in addition to a beautiful theatrical presentation entitled “Egypt; the cemetery of  invaders.”

During the break, the primary pupils designed beautiful national paintings and painted their faces with the colours of the Egyptian flag. After that, they went out to the street around the school holding the flags and paintings, to convey the message of love to passers-by and revive the national spirit of the Egyptians.

Another group of students gave juice and candy to the soldiers and officers who were in front of the institute as an expression of our thanks and our gratitude to them, for their dedication to secure our lives and properties.

The students of the environment group of the preparatory stagedecided to express their love for the country in a different way, they went out carrying cleaning tools to collect garbage from the surrounding streets as a way to show   their belonging to this country, and wishing to see it clean and beautiful.

Patriotic songs were heard everywhere in the courtyards. The institute was honored by the visit of the head of the private Education Department to share the happiness with the students in love of Egypt.

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