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International Children’s Day - SJA

November 26, 2014by admin0

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Every year our Institute celebrates the International Children’s Day on 20 November. This is the date that was decided by the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child that is supported by UNECEF (the organization entrusted with the protection of the inherent rights of children in the world).

The Centre of Loveof the children with special needs organized the celebration this year. The ceremony turned into what looked like a demonstration to draw attention to the demands of society, as children have full rights like others.

The Centre organized a march and reached as far as the main building of the Institute, during which children carried banners calling for their rights to life, education, health, food, and decent treatment.

The Centre ended the day with music and songs to make the children feel happy in their festival.

The kindergarten section has spread the idea of healthy food, which is part of the educational project this year, and that by selling only healthy food throughout the day: natural juice, dairy products, vegetables and pies, and a variety of fruit. This has been a good opportunity to train children on shopping skills as buying and selling. The income was donated to charity and the needy.

The students played different games prepared by the teachers to make them feel happy, and then they wrapped up the day with singing and dancing.

The Institute administration was keen to be present during the celebrations to share the joy of children, and to congratulate them on their festivals, wishing them a good life and a bright future.


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