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The Piano concert of Taghrid Sameh - SJA

April 14, 2011by admin0

ActivitesArtisticThe Piano concert of Taghrid Sameh

The following words are presented by Taghrid Sameh, a first secondary student, followed by the words of Sister Pauline Massouh, the superior of Saint Jeanne Antide Institution in the concert of Taghrid in the Alexandria Centre of Arts on 10th April.


Ladies and gentlemen, good evening,

A message to the spirits
of the revolution
of the 25th Januar

To watch the videoClick here


I send you tunes to heaven to hug your good spirits.

You had hopes and dreams which were similar to our hopes and dreams.

You were flowers that bloomed in the garden of good land.

Your spirits are among us waiting for the hopes and dreams to come true,

Fate did not give you the time to see your dreams come true.

We promise you that we will go on your path and we will make your hopes and dreams come true.

May your spirits rest and we will never forget you.

Taghrid Sameh

Ladies and gentlemen, good evening,

Our meeting is renewed with the talent of Saint Jeanne Antide Institution, the opera piano player, Taghrid Sameh. Let’s listen to the most beautiful international pieces on the piano to take us to live with the memories of the good old times. At the end of the concert she will present a piece of music by the name (We die to live Egypt) which is composed by her. She has composed it to show her feelings of the phases of the revolution of the 25th January, starting with hopes and dreams, then death and blood, then the revolution bursts and wins, then we start to reap its fruit.

Now the show will start by playing the national anthem.

Let’s listen to Taghrid Sameh…

Sister PaulinMassouh

To see photos of the concert

Click here


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