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Dreams competition - SJA

April 6, 2011by admin0

ActivitesArtisticDreams competition

24 primary students won prizes in the Dreams competition which was “The Francophone Sac”, in appreciation to their distinctive work, about their wishes after 25 January 2011 for our great institution Saint Jeanne Antide.


The first award was to Lojaine El Henawi (5th prim.), for a group of her work which she had performed through poetry, painting and essay, about her dreams for her country and her school.

In the field of poetry, Nadine Tarek (6th prim.), Leila Bassam (4th prim.) and Véronica Khaled (5th prim.) received the first three awards. In painting, Toa Khaled (5th prim.), Doha Alaa (5th prim.), Nadine Hégazi (5th prim.) and Mariam Gabr(5th prim.) had distinctive paintings.

The competition was presented to the students at the time of the revolution through the e-learning and was met with great response that reflexes the true national feelings of our Egyptian pupils.

We wish our pupils to be more distinctive and our beloved Egypt to be always better and developed.

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