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"Eureka" competition - SJA

March 22, 2010by admin0

Activitiesculture“Eureka” competition
The class of Miss Amandine that is preparing for the French Secondary Certificate (Bac.) participated in the “Eureka” competition through the celebrations of the year of science in Egypt and France. 

Eureka” is a greek word which means “IIfound“.

The aims of this competition are to help students put a historic frame for the geographic discoveries and link between research and expression as well as creativity.

The students went several times to the “Bibliotheca Alexandrina” in March. A group of them made researches based on documents while the other group preferred to use the internet.

The subject of the researches was the Greek discoverers in ancient times especially the traveler “Pythéas“.

“I spent a nice day and had a new adventure. I was happy because I like to work in a group” Nardine Fady, 1st prep. expressed her feelings which reflex the impressions of her colleagues.


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