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Saint Jeanne-Antide school is not only an educational institute but it has great interest in forming the personality of students in all aspects.

This is clearly shown in the great results that the secondary department achieved in the sports of the Egyptian championship. The institute gives special attention to the activities as much as science acquisition by this presenting special, innovative people to the community in all fields.

In 2008, five students won the Egyptian championship in three different games:

-Lina Moustafa (2nd sec.) : first place in athletics.
-Noha Guéhad (2nd sec.) : first place in swimming.
-Thérèse Antoine (2nd sec.) : first place in swimming.
-Sohaïla Chérif (2nd sec.) : fifth place in table tennis.
-Rime Wahid (3rd sec.) : second place in table tennis.

The winners explained to their colleagues how they spent enough time practicing seriously since they were young. They also told them about how they stated their objectives clearly showing the best example of time management and achieving success.


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